Go To The Movies Without Leaving Your House, With Your Very Own Floating TV Unit

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What’s better than watching TV? Watching TV in-style, that’s what!

People are born as natural artisans. We love adding our personal touches to almost everything we do in life.

One way we can make a personal statement is a floating TV Unit!

Nothing grand, no insane amount of dollars, just the right blend of style, quality, and affordability – Yes, your very own home theatre.

Magic happens with a single TV / Entertainment Unit, giving a modern flare to any living room.

I know what you’re thinking, “A home theatre that's affordable?” Indeed, these two words aren’t the best match but we’re still not taking it back. And it is possible. All it takes is a little assistance from The Wardrobe Man.

Using a strong and tested metal hanging system from Hettich, we’ve designed a floating TV unit that can hold your TV and everything that goes with it.

With a sleek, modern design, this TV cabinet can hold and store all your accessories such as your remote controls, DVD player, Xbox, Playstation, amplifier and much more.




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The aesthetics... A floating entertainment unit will add style to your already amazing living room. The cabinet comes in various colors and perfectly complements any and all types of interiors. Its minimalistic and simple design makes it the ideal
enhancement to any home theatre.

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Perfectly designed to stabilize the varying weights of different TV sizes.

Anywhere from a humble 36-inch TV to a monster 75-inch 4K ultra high definition TV, now you can enjoy your movie nights better in suspended action!

Picture this. You just got home from a tiring day at work. So you fall onto the couch with your feet up, grab the remote and turn on Netflix.

The best seat seat in the house. Relaxing in style, you can watching an action-packed movie, or play playstation with perfect eye-to-TV elevation.

Plus, after your siesta is over, you can simply tuck away all your controls and consoles by pushing the folding down doors open and sealing them close when you’re done tidying everything up.Your living room is now back to its clean, fresh and stylish state.


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  • Watch movies or your favourite TV shows at home in style!

  • Perfect for TVs of all sizes! The design of the cabinet is second to none – modern, simple & stylish.

  • The cabinet’s architectural and functional steel support is developed by Hettich, a German company known for their strong take on quality and innovation.

  • The cabinet’s weight is supported by a suspension bracket and steel rail for that floating look.

  • Drawers and runners are all built with soft-close and highest of quality.

  • Folding down door design that uses a push-open mechanism with a suspension support developed by the Italian manufacturer EFFEGIBREVETTI.

  • Store all your TV accessories, gadgets, controls, consoles and more!
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