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Frameless Wardrobe Doors Perth

A Cut Above the Rest

Frameless Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Have you been searching for doors that are a cut above the rest?

We have unique and individual wardrobe solutions to create an amazing wardrobe, walk in robe or built in wardrobe.

Since introducing these doors to the West Australian Market, we have had tons of positive feedback.

You too can create an elegant and stylish room with a Premium Frameless Sliding Wardrobe Door system.

This door system is a Modern Contemporary appearance and can be made to most Australian Sizes.

We custom make every door in our Wangara Factory so no need to worry about doors not fitting your recess size.


View our Full Range at our Wardrobe Showroom. We have Perth's largest range of doors and designs.


Sliding Frameless Wardrobe Doors | Four Door Low Iron White Glass

Four Sliding Door Set

Two Track System - Full Panel Design

Recess Installation

Low Iron Super White Glass

You can use 4mm mirror or 4mm Low Iron Super White Glass.

We have all the glass cut to the exact size required and then the edges of the glass are Arrised, a Beveled Edge is created and then machine Polished, this adds to the premium look.

Sliding Frameless Wardrobe Doors | Two Door Mirror Set

Two Sliding Door Set

Two Track System - 4mm Mirror Doors

Recess Installation

With four wheels at the top of every door and two quality wheels on the bottom, this design will ensure super smooth quiet running for years to come. The track even has a hidden positioner to ensure the doors always close to the same position.

The bottom track is a Low Profile Foot-friendly track which is only 56mm wide. This track has proved to be a real winner in small or tight recesses where you want to minimize the space taken up by your doors

Sliding Frameless Wardrobe Doors | Mirror Frameless Doors

Four Sliding Door Set

Two Track System. - Recess Installation.

The doors can be built to a range of heights including 2700mm high recesses. This is subject to the door size and weight of the doors, as we do not want to overload the wheels and we only make glass doors that meet the Australian Standards.

All our doors come with our standard 10 year Guarantee on frame and components.
Designed for 4mm Glass - Mirror & Low Iron Super White Glass. We can also do other coloured glass on special request.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Frameless| Four Door Set in Mirror

Four Door Set

Two Track System

4mm Mirror

Recess Installation

The owner of this house wanted a new look in their bedroom. We replaced the old doors and installed this great set of Four Frameless Sliding Doors.

The team at Wardrobe Man really know their stuff - from start to finish was smooth-sailing, nothing is a drama at all, lovely people. Thanks so much.

A T Davey  - LEEMING

Quality Components in Every Door

Frameless Sliding Doors - Top Wheels
Quality Top Wheels

Each Door has these four quality wheels installed at the top of every door to ensure smooth and whisper quiet running for years to come.

Frameless Sliding Doors - Bottom Wheels
Rigid Steel Chassis Construction

Note the Adjustable Mechanism so you can raise, lower or tilt the doors for that not so square or out of Plumb wall.

Frameless Sliding Doors - Narrow Bottom Track
Foot Friendly Narrow Track

When you are looking for a narrow bottom track, the Frameless System has a narrow track of only 56mm in width and is one of the smallest on the market. Excellent for Wardrobes that lack depth.

More Examples of Our Door Installations

Sliding Wardrobe Doors | Four SLiding Door Set

Four Door Set

Two Track System

4mm Low Iron Super White Glass

Recess Installation

The owner of this house wanted to create more storage in a room they used for their morning workouts. Hidden behind the doors are all the gym equipment.

With a set of four doors, it's easy to find the gym mat as the four door set allows approximately half of the recess to be open when all four doors are pushed to one side.

Experience tells us that the four smaller doors give much better access than three larger doors.

We are extremely happy with the glass sliding doors fitted by Kevin and his team. Very professional from the beginning to the end. Thank you to Kevin, Lynda and the rest of the team on a job well done.

stephen jensen  - Edgewater

Why Us

Narrow Track

The Frameless Door system by The Wardrobe Man is a narrow 56mm width and is one of the smallest bottom tracks on the market.

Ideal for wardrobe recesses that lack depth.

10 Year Warranty

All our Sliding Doors come with a 10 Year Warranty. We can fully install your doors or we are happy for you to DIY.

High Quality

We only use the Best Quality materials. We want our customers to be happy for years to come, so we do not use cheap materials.


Because we focus on Functionality, we always work to maximize your storage space. We have been designing and building storage solutions for years, just check out our Google Reviews.

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