Makeup Tables

Do you wake up in the morning and struggle to find everything in a chaotic mess?

Need somewhere to organize all your makeup, skin care products and bags and accessories to make your morning routine a breeze?

The elite Modular Dressing Table is our new affordable luxury to help start your day feeling fantastic.
The elite Dressing Table is our latest innovative module from our elite Modular range.

It is a combination of shelves, drawers and a mirror to create the perfect space for makeup application in a makeup loving woman's paradise.
The Dressing Table can be installed within a wardrobe or as a stand alone module against a bedroom wall.

Add some of our other modules with shelves, drawers or hanging bars to create a custom unique wardrobe solution to meet your exact needs.
Don’t like the number of drawers? Want more shelves or drawers? Just let us know and we can create a 100% unique dressing table for you.

We can even add LED Strip Lighting for that little touch of glamour.
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