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At the Wardrobe Man the customization options are endless, and you can really build a functional and good-looking walk-in wardrobe that will improve the value of your home. Our ever-evolving design options are a reflection of our
design philosophy
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Browse this page for a selection of our popular features you can add to your wardrobe.

Storage for Jewellery.

Our top craftsmen developed our unique cutout Top Shelf with Safety Glass Top. The Shelf is one piece of material and does not have any joins, thereby creating a neat, clean look. We have even installed an optional small strip of LED lighting to highlight your jewellery Collection.

Gliding Shoe Storage.

Our designers looked closely at how to store your shoes, we not only wanted a system that was functional, but also looked good. Our Full Extension gliding shoe shelves give great storage and access to your shoes. With the Gliding Shoe Shelf, access to your shoes is easy. With our Chrome fence system, the shelf can be easily pulled for the shelf to easily glide out.

Trouser Racks.

We have tested and tried several Trouser Racks from different manufacturers. As always, our designers have looked at quality and ease of use. Finally, we selected the one that stood out head and shoulders above the rest. The Trouser Rack manufactured in Canada by Tag Hardware. Installed in an 800mm bay, this rack is by far the best use of space. The Trouser Rack comes standard with 24 Hangers which are nicely rubber coated to protect your trousers and to stop them sliding off the frame. A real Winner! Yes and no more turning up to work looking like you slept in your pants.
As a bonus they have an optional extra, if desired, neat clips for hanging skirts.

Blum Legrabox.

Ask any Cabinet Maker and he or she will tell you that Blum is the Rolls Royce of drawer runners. We love them for the pure engineering and outstanding quality. Blum have combined the best of Soft Closing and Push to Open in the one piece of hardware. The Blum drawer runners come with a lifetime warranty. Blum products are subjected to extensive motion and load tests in their testing laboratories. What’s more, Blum has their our own internal standards which are higher than external ones. Blum is certified to ISO 9001.

Safety Glass Shelves

Safety Glass Shelves a great way to display your treasured handbags. All our glass shelves are toughened for your safety. All our glass shelves are cut to your custom size, with the edges polished and then toughened or tempered. Toughened, or tempered glass is strengthened glass, formed by heating glass to its softening point in a furnace, then quickly cooling it.
This tempering process alters the surface tension of the glass, effectively ‘hardening’ the glass. Toughened glass we use in your wardrobe is 4-5 times stronger than standard glass of the same thickness. Due to the tension in the glass, toughened glass shatters into tiny cuboid fragments when broken, reducing the risk of injury.
This quality determines toughened glass as a Grade A Safety Glass. This process is carried out to the Australian Standards, so you can be assured your wardrobe glass shelving will look great and be safe for everyday use.

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The following images are just a small sample of our work. From small Wardrobes to large Dressing Rooms.


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