Top View "Reach In Or Single Wall" Wardrobe.

Straight Line Wardrobe

Straight Line Wardrobe Floor Plan


The Reach In or Single wall shaped wardrobe usually involves either opening doors or sliding doors. When designing your shelving and drawers you need to be careful that any drawers placed in the wardrobe will not interfere with the doors.

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Top View "U" Shaped Walk In Robe.

Top View U Shaped Wardrobes

Top View U Shaped Wardrobes

The above "U" Shaped wardrobe or Built In Robe will typically involve shelving all around the room or just on the two main walls depending on the width of the room. The above design creates a double feature unit in the Center of the main wall or Wall 2.

In this design we have created two drawer three drawer boxes to create a functional storage space but also a feature to this walk in robe. We can also use glass on the tops of the drawers to create a luxury look. The top drawers can have jewellery trays in black felt or velvet to create a great space for storage of treasured possessions.



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Top View "L" Shaped Walk In Robe

L Shaped Wardrobe Design

L Shaped Wardrobe Floor Plan

The above "L" Shaped wardrobe typically involves shelving either down the main wall and the far wall. Often this style of walk in robe will have a window on the end wall and is typically 1200mm wide. This will usually allow us to install shelving on only one side of the the wardrobe.


Typical "L" Shaped Walk In Robe Design Notes

Wall 1.

Use any module here. Depending on the size of this wall you can use a 600mm, 700mm or the 850mm size module.

A bay with drawers is also suitable here. Use any of our modules on this wall.

We sometimes use a bay of shelving in this location as often this area is used for shoe storage. One of our options for this space is to use 300mm deep shelving in this area. This depth shelving if perfect for storing shoes and folded clothes. The advantage of using the 300mm deep shelving in this location is that it allows easier access into the corner unit.

We have also seen these alls with a window in this location. We have often built shelving in front of the window as some of our customers perfer to maximise there storage and shelving rather than having no shelving in this loaction. The other alternative is for us to manufacture a set of drawers that sit on the floor and are ideal for sitting on and putting on your shoes. These drawer units can be two or three drawwers high.

Double hanging units are also good in this area to maximise your storage.


Wall 2. - The Longer of the Walls

Use any size straight line design on this wall.

The elite Modular Shelving comes in a number of different sizes. Ranging from 550mm wide to 850mm wide. If the wall was longer we can use a number of different size shelves to fit this wall.

The depth of each of the shelves on the loner wall or Wall 2 is 500mm.

The corner unit is usually used for full hanging.



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