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Wardrobe Design ECO-WD01


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How To Design a Built In Wardrobe using our new

Budget Range of Wardrobe Modules?

Basically, we see that there are three types of wardrobes:

Straight Line Wardrobes
L Shaped Wardrobes or Built in Robes
U Shaped Wardrobes or Walk-In Wardrobes

Let's first look at planning a Straight Line Wardrobe.
We'll say you have a wardrobe space or recess that is 2100mm long.


Step 1. Watch Out for Those Doors
In designing your wardrobe space, you have to consider if the recess is going to have Sliding Wardrobe Doors or standard opening doors. Usually in this size space you would have two sliding doors.

So in creating your design, make sure the drawers are going to open by placing them in either the right hand side of the wardrobe or the left hand side. Never put drawers in the centre of the robe as they will get in the way of the sliding doors. If the space has three doors, you can place a drawer unit in the middle of the recess, but make sure that the opening is going to work with your drawers.

This is why, sometimes, it is better to use a narrower unit like a 550mm or 600mm wide section. If you are unsure, give one of our wardrobe designers a call to discuss your requirements.

Step 2. Begin with The End in Mind.
We would normally look at starting from one side and working across the space that you want to build the wardrobe in. Lets start with a 600mm wide drawer box. Always check the depth of the recess to make sure the modules will fit in your closet and also check the height while you are checking your dimensions.

Ok, so we have placed the 600 drawer box in the left hand side that leaves us with 1500mm left to fill. We can now look at placing another 600mm unit on the right hand side of the recess. Lets say you need some flexible shelving for storage of shoes, handbags and other items. The two units now have taken up 1200mm in space and will leave a gap of 900mm in the centre of the robe. Use our 850mm shelving units that will fit perfectly.

Step 3. Span The Gap.

If you require Double Hanging in the wardrobe or built in Robe, we can use the spanning unit to fill this space. The spanning unit is designed so that if need be, you can reduce the size of the spanning unit. The spanning unit can be cut to size if required. That's why we say that these three units will fit into a recess or wardrobe wall that is between 1500mm and 2100mm.

You can design your own built in wardrobe or we can assist in the planning process, simply click the following link .

Step 4. Sit Back And Enjoy!

Now is the time to sit back and enjoy the pleasure of completing your DIY Wardrobe.

What do I do if the wardrobe I need is an L shaped wardrobe or Walk in Robe?

Usually the “L” shaped walk in robe will not have any sliding doors. So in the planning stage, you can place our wardrobe modules in any order.
Firstly, we would start with the corner module. The corner module can be 650mm by 800mm. Let say one wall is 2600mm long by 1500mm wide. The 600mm by 800mm wardrobe corner unit can be positioned any way in the corner. We would normally place the 800mm length along the longest wall. Take the 800mm from the 2600mm wall and add two or thee units to this wall. Three units at 600mm would take up 1800mm of wall space.


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We pride our self on having all our products on display in our Showroom. We have over 400 plus products which can be used for wardrobes and or storage in every room in the house. Check out some of our other custom solutions by clicking the links below or check out what our customers are saying.


Download our Instructions.

If you are interested in a DIY installation we have prepared detailed instructions on how to install our Budget Range of wardrobes. If you are not confident of doing own DIY installation we are more than happy to install for you. We use our qualified cabinet makers to arrange the installation.

Please downlaod our DIY instructions


Wardrobe Design ECO-WD01


Can't see a design you like - No Problem contact us or come and see me and get your Free Design Consultation in our Showroom.


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