About Us

People often ask us "Did you really start The Wardrobe Man from your home garage?"

We Sure did! 11 years ago. We were renovating our house and couldn’t find any quality wardrobe products! We were fairly disappointed. We'd searched high and low. Driving all over town, from store to store, looking for a wardrobe that had FLARE. Something Modern, Flexible, Versatile. Something with Style...

But we'd end up driving home disappointed and frustrated. The wardrobe we wanted, didn't exist.

Not willing to give up, we started researching... And what fascinated us, was how many people were exactly like us, in the exact same position. You had to deal with what the builder gave you... One shelf. One Rail. And A LOT of wasted place.

Go figure, eh? Kinda like this photo:


What a nightmare, hey! Wasted space, messy as, and good luck trying to find what you want to wear in the morning!

But it's cheap and easy for your builder!


We weren't very happy with that.

And that's why we started The Wardrobe Man!

Straight out of our home garage. Helping people create modern and stylish wardrobes. And we took it seriously. We wanted the best of the best, so that's what we committed to giving our customers.

Travelling and sourcing wardrobes from around the world... From visiting suppliers in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore. To meeting manufacturers in Europe, the UK and Asia.

And now we turn out wardrobes like this one:

The Wardrobe Man - elite wardrobe

Beautiful. Modern. Stylish.

It's no surprise when our clients say things like "I am in LOVE with my Wardrobe from The Wardrobe Man!"


"We can't recommend The Wardrobe Man highly enough.Their products are top quality and look amazing; we were thrilled with the end result!"

And that's just to quote a few of many!

We've come a long way since the very beginning. We don't operate out of our garage anymore, thank god! We have our own showroom and factory, at 5/55 Prindiville Drive Wangara, Perth.

And even though our name is The Wardrobe Man, we do much much more than just wardrobes:

So, when you've had a good look round the website, come in and say "Hi" :)

Or feel free to get in Contact with us anytime.

Lynda, Kevin and the Team,

The Wardrobe Man

PS. We hear it time and time again "We should have got organized sooner!" Don't leave it too long before you say hi! :)

PSS. We also have a brother company, called The Hanging Man. The Hanging Man sells an art hanging system that helps you get all your artwork up on your walls! Without ever needing to drill, patch and paint all of those holes ever again.

So if that's your thing, I'd go check it out.