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Is Failure Knocking on Your Door?

Find Out Why Cheap Sliding Wardrobe Doors fail

and what to do to avoid costly Mistakes!


I was watching the ABC the other night.

Yes, I do watch that channel and the main story was about replacing rooftop solar panels when they were only 3-4 years old. People had been told the panels should last at least 10 years. Many people had invested heavily in what they thought was quality and the panels only had a 12 month guarantee. There was some very upset customers and lots of wasted dollars - Failure Came Knocking.


This reminded me of a customer we helped in North Perth recently. He had two very large mirror doors that had failed, they were way too heavy for the flimsy wheels. The wheels had worn down and the doors were scraping on the bottom track. For the owner, those doors were a total waste of money, as the doors were not that old. This is typically bad design and cheap components. This is a fairly common issue. Failure Came Knocking. We replaced the two massive doors with three smaller quality doors.


You love your home and are proud of your home, the last thing you want to do is make the wrong choice in doors and waste money. After all, they are one of the main features in most rooms. I was in a multi million dollar house recently and the sliding doors were painted gyprock. We have been told that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but these were just bad. Mind boggling bad. A classic case of cheap doors. Failure Came Knocking.

Some door manufacturers build down to a price. At The Wardrobe Man will simply build our doors to our ...

Unique Quality Standard.

Yes! I hear you say there is a price difference. The price difference is that little bit extra you pay - the price gap between the cheap and quality. Sometimes the cheap ends up costing more in the long run. Below are a number of factors that we encourage you to consider when buying sliding doors.

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Take a look below, it could save you from costly mistakes.

Check out our Cast Iron Guarantee and our ...
Love Them or Return Them Guarantee!

Details Below


Steel v Plastic

Check out the two images below. As you can see, the wheel on the left is in a steel casing, while the other is a cheap wheel with plastic housing that as you can see, has failed. Yes, its FLAT on the bottom!

Sliding Wardrobe Door Wheels - Steel Casing

Rigid Steel Chassis Construction

Note the Adjustable Mechanism so you can raise, lower or tilt the doors for that not so square or out of Plumb wall.

Hardened Steel Chassis with Acetal Plastic Wheels.  Polyoxymethylene also known as acetal plastic is a thermoplastic material that is widely used in automotive and electronic industries.

Sliding Wardrobe Door Wheels  Made From Cheap Plastic

Plastic Chassis Construction

No Adjustment Mechanism.

Unknown Quality Soft Plastic Wheels often wear out early.

Cheap Sliding Wardrobe Door Components will wear out quickly and fail sooner as displayed above. NB These wheels were removed from a house in North Perth and were replaced with a quality set of doors from The Wardrobe Man.

"I am thrilled with the finished product.
I get so many positive comments. Thank you to the team at Wardrobe Man,
your service and product was outstanding!"

- Nikki Milne,
The Perth Collective

Silent Smooth Top Wheels v Noisey Plastic Head Guide

Check out the two images below, the one on the left is a set of wheels we install at the top of all our doors. These ensure that your doors will run smooth and silently for years to come. Displayed on the right side are the alternative to the quality wheels.

Sliding Wardrobe Door Wheels - Steel Casing

Four Quality Wheels

At the top of all our sliding doors we install four small wheels.

This is designed to make sure the doors run smoothly and quietly.

NB: The exception to our rule ... Our Slimline Doors do not have these wheels. Due to the design of the Slimline doors, there is no room in the head channel.

Sliding Wardrobe Door Head Guide - Cheap Plastic Guide

Plastic Head Guide

The alternative to quality wheels are the above plastic blocks or head guides. These are installed in the top of the sliding wardrobe door to keep the door from scraping along the the head channel. Noisy Doors.

Another difference between a quality built door and a cheaper door.

"We are extremely happy with the glass sliding doors fitted by Kevin and his team they kept us fully informed during the whole process. While we weren't quite sure on the best solution for our needs, Kevin was able to show us several options. This made our job of choosing the right doors a lot easier. Very professional from the beginning to the end. Thank you to Kevin, Lynda and the rest of the team on a job well done..

- Stephen Jensen,

Does Size Matter?

Yes! Size does matter! Building Sliding Doors that are oversize can cause two major problems.

Warping and Over Weight Doors slowly damages the wheels. 

Sometimes to keep the cost down in building, it is cheaper to build two doors instead of three doors or three instead of four, but by doing this you run the risk of the following problems occuring ...

  • Bendy or Flexible doors. As I get older it's good to be flexible, but in doors, No! Too much flex and the sliding doors are prone to warping. We have seen doors where one door rubs against the other. There's not much space between the doors and if this happens one door will develop deep scratches on its front and the end result is a replacement door or a new set of doors to avoid the problems.
  • We are Weight Watchers. When we make a set of doors we carefully calculate the weight of the doors and ensure that the wheels we use will not be overloaded. We will watch your door weight and ensure that we do not overload those wheels. After all we all want them to last.


Have you considered the design of the wardrobe?

Are three doors on three track system better than three doors on a two track system?

Make sure you discuss the design with one of our experts to ensure those shoe racks and drawers will pull out, once the doors are installed.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Top View Three Doors Three Tracks

Three Doors Three Tracks - Top View

Two Thirds Opening for greater access

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Top View Three Doors Two Tracks

Three Doors Two Tracks - Top View

One Third Access

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Three Track Open Doors

Three Doors Three Tracks - Front View

Two Thirds Opening for greater access.

All Doors Pushed to the Left.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Track Three Doors

Three Doors Two Tracks - Front View

One Third Opening, giving limited access.

All Doors Pushed to the Left.

"We are delighted with our new wardrobe sliders. The design, appearance and especially the quality is first rate. The installation was challenging given the access to our upstairs bedroom and high ceilings dealing with very tall & heavy doors. However the team troubleshot all the challenges very professionally. They look and function extremely well. Thank you."

- Dale Collins,
South Perth

Product Selection?

Are Sliding Mirror Doors still on trend?

In years gone by the customer had two choices, Mirror Doors or Vinyl Coated Gyprock. This was because the glazier typically supplied the sliding doors.

It was easier for the builder to use the glazier and for a glazier a mirror door was cheap and easy.

With the development of our unique CNC technology in building doors, we can offer Perth the largest range of doors and styles.

We can offer you a selection of 250 plus products from Laminex, Formica, Polytec and Egger. From High Gloss to Matt, Textured Colours to Woodgrains ... the choice is yours.

We offer you a complete range of products and designs.

Make sure you visit our showroom to view all our products. Not all the available colours are displayed on our on line shop.


Sliding Doors - Modern and High Quaality

Premium Products

Premium Looks

Sliding Doors - Old Style

Cheap Vinyl Coated Gyprock

What more can we say!

"Nothing better than dealing with a small family company, from the moment we walked into the showroom, through design and installation, Kevin and Linda were so easy to deal with and the end result far exceeded our expectation, would recommend to anyone"

- Myles Locket,

Modern Stylish Doors by The Wardrobe Man

Please note: all of the images below are of sliding doors we have Designed and Installed. These photos are taken by our installers. They may not be the best photographers, but these images are genuine examples of our work. As opposed to some of our competitors web sites who use stolen images from overseas web sites.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Modern Finishes

Premium Trio Doors ... Installed inYokine.

Our designers can create a wardrobe to suit your budget and to meet your specific requirements. We don't make the cheapest wardrobe doors, but we provide you with Perth's largest range of designer options. Our aim is to bring to Perth the best doors, the most flexible and the best looking wardrobes the world has to offer.

Frameless Mirror Doors

Frameless Mirror Doors ... Installed in Scarborough.

Have you been searching for doors that are a cut above the rest? Since introducing these doors to the West Australian Market, we have had tons of positive feedback. You too can create an elegant and stylish room with a Premium Frameless Sliding Wardrobe Door System. This door system is a Modern Contemporary appearance and can be made to most Australian Sizes. We custom make every door in our Wangara Factory, so no need to worry about doors not fitting your recess size.

Frameless Low Iron Glass Wardrobe Doors

Frameless Low Iron White Glass Doors ... Installed in Darch.

Whether you use 4mm mirror or 4mm Low Iron Super White Glass, we have all the glass cut to the exact size required and then edges are beveled and Polished, this adds to the premium look.

Classic SLiding Wardrobe Doors

Classic Trio Doors ... Installed in Floreat Park.

At the Wardrobe Man our sliding wardrobe doors are custom-made in our Perth based Wangara Factory, to be the perfect fit for your home. Our storage solutions will provide a quality storage solution that maximizes space in your bedroom for years to come. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, our Classic Doors are manufactured from 18mm Melamines.  Why 18mm Boards? The 18mm Board makes a very Solid, highly impact resistance and Sturdy Door, that you will be happy to show off in your home for years to come.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Trio Design

Premium Trio Doors ... Installed in South Perth.

At the Wardrobe Man our sliding wardrobe doors are custom-made in our Perth based Wangara Factory to be the perfect fit for your home.

Check out our Cast Iron Guarantee and our:
Love Them or Return Them Guarantee!

Love Them or Return Them.

We are the only Door Manufacturer offering such a Guarantee. I have been told I was Crazy to offer this Guarantee! However, after you have purchased your Doors, if you do not love the quality or there is something wrong with them, we are happy for you to return them and we will make you a new set of doors at no extra cost.

We are the market leader in Stylish Quality Wardrobe Doors and we want you to be happy!

Make Sure you take advantage of the following offers when ordering this month.

Free set of backup wheels.

We don’t think they will wear out, but if disaster should strike ... Imagine your 13 and 14 year old boys are Championship Wrestling in the bedroom, trying to prove who is the strongest. The 14 year old does the “Slam Dunk” on the 13 year old, which goes horribly wrong against a wardrobe door. You just might need that spare wheel.

Free Cleaning Kit.

If you select from our range of Glass Doors we will give you a Free Glass Cleaning Kit or if you select from our range of Ultraglaze Doors, we will give you a Free Cleaning Kit for your new acrylic doors.

Free Delivery Perth Metro.

Please note that Conditions apply. Send us your project details and your address and we will confirm if we can deliver for free. Due to the current traffic conditions in Perth all deliveries are done on Saturday Mornings.

Please call our team to discuss your requirements.

We custom make all our doors and love new design challenges.

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